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The only “DUMB” question
is the one not asked

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What type of loans are available?
  • Primary, vacation and investment properties
  • Purchase OR Refinance
  • Conventional Loans (minimum 3% down)
  • JUMBO (up to $3M)
  • FHA (minimum 3.5%)
  • VA (0 down)
  • USDA (0 down)
What are the limitations of who I can offer this to?

They must buy a home with a Keller Williams agent. Aside from that, there are no other limitations.

What title company will the closing be at?

You can choose where you would like to have the closing.

It is YOUR responsibility to schedule the closing.

Why didn’t Keller Mortgage request a survey?

Keller Mortgage DOES NOT REQUIRE a survey – so it will be your responsibility to line one up.

Are there any scripts available?

Yes! Click here to view scripts that are available when talking to potential clients about Keller Mortgage.

What is the phone number to call with questions?

There is no phone number to call Keller Mortgage. Please complete this form and someone will get back to you within the hour.

Who is my loan officer?

The ZeroPlus loan is a SYSTEM not a person or brick & mortar company. As soon as your buyer fills out the information on your MyKW app, their information will be sent directly to the loan officer that is available at that moment.

We have 6 lenders available to us. We will always have a lender available 9am-9pm, 7 days a week. Because of this, Keller Mortgage can’t guarantee that the lender you want to work with will be available. Once your client is assigned a lender, that is the only person that will be in contact with them.


Can my client fill out the application on a computer instead of a SmartPhone/Tablet?

Yes! Follow these steps and you can send a link to your clients email for them to open on a computer and complete the application:

  1. Open your KW App
  2. Tap the “Keller Mortgage Save Thousands” Button
  3. Scroll through terms and click “I Accept” Button
  4. Copy this website URL
  5. Open your email, create new email, paste the website URL in the body of the text message.
    (tip: you can also create a bit.ly and have that always available to share)

View the below video for step by step instructions.


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